More photo from the Kiehls Whitening Event at Tangs

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Tangs Whitening Event- 5th and 6th April 2009

Tangs Whitening Event- 4th April 2009

What a handsome dog....

Oh... Look at their smile...
What a happy family.....

Kiehl's Boys Edison
and his girlfriend Michelle showing support!

Kiehl's Boy Terence indroducing
the whitening products to customer...

Posing for the photoshoot....

Kiehl's boy Terence trying out his dance moves
in front of Tangs Orchard.

Come on everyone pose for a shot....

Kiehl's boy Terence with his flying shot!

Kiehl's boy Ron, Peixiang and Weicai getting crazy over Kiehl's pose!

WAh... our radiance look on Kiehl's boy Edison!

Kiehl's Boy Tommy posing with a girl

Tangs Whitening Event- 3rd April 2009

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"A Luminous Life" photo contest

Michelle presenting the cheque to
the winner of the contest
Congrad to this guy who have won
himself a trip to New York!!!