Kiehl's Boys becomes Kiehl's Hunks

Last weekend, me and friends went Siloso Beach for some fun!

It had been like 2 year since we last go for a beach outing like this...

And so before that day, I went to the supermarket to grab some food for our sentosa outing!

Okay I bought fried chicken, strawberries, bread, canned tuna, lettue, hotdogs and F&N drinks.

Met some of the guys at Vivocity and walked in through the Sentosa Broadwalk.

We were so excited that we decided to take a jumping shot along our way to Sentosa!!!

1...2...3... JUMP!!!

This was our 1st time walking into Sentosa using the Sentosa Broadwalk Bridge. It is really relaxing and fun walking in as you can see.

You can try it with your friend on your next Sentosa trip!

Finally after about 10min walk, we reached Sentosa!!! Yeah!!!

Met up with more friends at the Beach Station and walking to Siloso Beach.

We layed out the picnic mat.

Finally ready, everyone put their belonging down and relaxing by the beach....

Time to get something chilled as the weather is pretty HOT!

So I quickly poured some F&N Outrageous Orange for everyone!!!

So thirsty looking at THIS!!! Ice Cool F&N Outrageous Orange Sparkling Drink!!!

hmm... =)

Okay guys, thanks for waiting for me to take this photo. You all may start to eat le... Haha...

My buddy, Edison enjoying a cup of chilled F&N Outrageous Orange Sparkling drink! Ok... We are all hungry...

GJ putting on sunblock lotion. Well sidetrack a bit, he had been training hard on his body and I think he is doing pretty well! Keep it up brother!!!

Saw the WHITE guy, he is Terence, the fairer guy among us!!! =p

The hunks having a can of F&N sparkling drinks each Cheers!!!! Well we had some fun snapping photo! Look who is this handsome guy, he is Edison.

From left: Edison, GJ & Terence

From left: Bertram, Edison & Terence This is Kobe! He was dunked into the sea by us because of a stupid act he did. Haha... More photo FUN!!! Well we are a bunch of guys who just couldn't help it when come to camwhoring! Ok MY TURN! 1... 2... 3... JUMP & SNAP SNAP SNAP! From left: GJ, Edison, Myself & Ferynn

Drink F&N Sparkling Drink anytime anywhere...