Kiehl's 1st Birthday at Tangs Orchard (10-12 October 2008)

Here is a video for Kiehl's from the Kiehl's Boys!

(Thanks to Kevin Tan to help take this video!)

Who is this Kiehl's Boy? Ya he is our new recruit in Kiehl's Boy, GJ!

The one in the centre is also our new recruit in Kiehl's boys. Mark (Rikki's bf)! Kobe with the 3 candy floss he made! Hey not for u guys to eat la... For customer!

Gary making candy floss!

Tommy, Edwin, Kevin Yap and Kobe

Tommy's younger bro, Michael

Kiehl's boys pumping balloon... Balloon ready to give to the small children... Is the balloon flower nice? Kiehl's Boy, William made it! Gary holding the flower... William and Gary Kiehl's Boy, Terence Before going off work, we took our group photo! Nice!

More photo of the event-