Kiehl's Boys X'mas Party and Chalet 2008

It was a one of the most unforgetable X'mas party ever!
It's a triple celebration!
James's Birthday Celebration!
William's Birthday Celebration!
X'mas Celebration!

Some of us checked in on 19th December... William and Jasmine were the 1st 2 to get in...

Thanks to Jasmine for helping out in this...

This was the gate to the resort!

Below here you will see the swimming pool and the sheltered BBQ hut behind.

This the KTV pub we went the 1st night.

315 is our room.

William and Jamine with the X'mas hat...

GJ, Tommy and Sarah singing happily in the KTV pub.

The room was quite spacious for 7 of us!
Jasmine , GJ, Tommy, Sarah, Weicai, Kevin and William...

Back to our cosy room playing some Taboo!

Arranging the bed to get to sleep liao...

Wah,, GJ and Tommy so early wake up that day and enjoy the sun by the pool...

GJ and myself

Me and Tommy

The Kiehl's hunks with their fan? Haha

2nd day morning- Went to Sembawang Mart for breakfast and some shopping at the supermarket.

After shopping, walking back to our resort.

The guys were so tired that they lie flat on the bed...

Normal pose

The pointing pose
Superhero pose

Sexy pose

The "Yoyo check it out" pose

Dau pok!!!

Looked at this 2 small kid playing arcade... Haha

Terence, I enjoyed slapping you... (I mean in the game la, hahaha)

I present you he "3 little pig " (GJ, Tommy and Gary)

Zling was here that night too...

The sweet couple was here that night too!
Edison and Michelle.

Jasmine was busying the whole night helping in the BBQ stuffs...
How was the foods? Nice? See from their face...

Weiquan and Hanyang were there that night too!

3rd day morning, some of them left us...

Guess who is this?

Ya it Weicai!

What a "Xiang Shou", do mask and fall asleep...
The 4 of us having fun at Arcade on the last day...

Dun shoot me sleep, bro James...

Taking hostage!
Poor Weicai always act as hostage...
Probably he got the kelian look!

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