Ultimate White Workshop- 14 March 2009

It was a wonderful workshop on that day.

Many participants who attended the workshop got the hand-on session.

They will taught the step by step on taking care of their skin with our new whitening products.

The latest skin whitening product slated to hit the market in March is Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White Collection.

This products will break down pigmentation clusters and inhibit melanin formation for brighter and more translucent skin, the collection is made from stabilised Vitamin C, Plum Fruit Extract and other Botanicals.

It also contains light reflecting minerals such as Mica, Titanium and Bismuth Oxychloride that brighten skin for a more radiant, porcelain-like complexion.

Ultimate White Daily Skincare Regimen

Step 1: cleanse and exfoliate with Brightening Cleansing Cream and Surface Brightening Exfoliator to remove dead surface skin cells and improve texture irregularities

Step 2: tone with Clarifying Whitening Toner to refine and retexturise skin

Step 3: treat with Intensive Whitening Essence to reduce the over-production of melanin, while providing instant luminosity

Step 4: correct with Targeted Spot Whitening Treatment to address existing dark spots, while reducing the over-production of melanin

Step 5: moisturise with Activated Whitening Moisturizer to minimise dark spots and uneven skin tone and texture, while providing immediate skin translucency

Step 6: protect your skin with Kiehl's Nymphaea Alba UV Shield SPF 35 / Sunblock. This is a very light weight and oil free sun screen that is dermatologists certified to be non codemogenic (this means it wouldn't clog the pore and cause pimples/white/blackheads)

While Kiehl's take care of customer's skin and also take care of their stomach...
Food were served to all the participants attended that day!

Stage demostration

We love Kiehl's!!!!

Have you try our product before?