Come visit us at Plaza Singapura Kiehl's Store today!!!

Kiehl's Event

Visit us at Kiehl's!
Let the Kiehl's Boy serve you with a smile!

This is Kiehl's Boy, Weicai serving the orange juice and food!

Kiehl's Boy, Gary: Anyone want some snack?

Help yourself, ladies... =)

Polariod picture... 1...2...3.... Chesse

Friends of Kiehl's

Where is Kiehl's Boy Tommy? Isn't that MrBone?

Oh... Here is Kiehl's Boy Tommy with Daphne

After work we went to Minds Cafe to hang out!

It was a great day! Hanging out with KIEHL'S people is always enjoying!
We love Kiehl's!!!