Kiehl's Boys at Gardens by the Bay!!!

Last weekend (Fri- Sun), were you there at Garden by the Bay?
Well... It was the Official Opening of Garden by te Bay on Friday (29 June 2012)!

Green Fair
Venue: Kingfisher Lake, Garden by the Bay

The green fair plays host to unique local and foreign green retail vendors and non profit prganizations (NPOs). Admission is free for the public. The fair's objectives is to highlist alternatuve green vendors in the market and also help raise awarness for the NPOs involved. A series of talks by the professionals will be held as well.

As part of the official opening of Gardens by the Bay, attendees of the Green Fair wil also receive a Green Passport, attendees are entitled to participate in a contest to win attractive prizes too.

Kiehl's has always been a Environment Friendly Supportive brand and we were there at the Green Fair!
Kiehl's always encourages people to do their part for the environment!

So this time Kiehl's want everyone to go GREEN TOGETHER!!!
As we have a long-standing commitment to the environment, visitors to the booth who brings along ANY beauty empties were given a Kiehl's Healthy Skin Essentials travel size products!

Look who is here too?
Yes is our MR BONE!!!

and of cause the KIEHL'S BOYS!!!

Visitors to the Green Fair will given a goodies bay containing a travel size facial cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

Welcome our newest Kiehl's Boy- Jon Song (Left)

That's Jasmine with Kiehl's Boy- Darryl Liew

Darryl & Yuhao

Visitors were invited to play a fun water games to win some Kiehl's samples.

Yuhao & Syek Yi

Huai Bin, Jon & William

Jon filling up the water gun.

The Kiehl's boys with the Sony's Show girl.

Not a good day on Day 2... RAINING!!!

We did this open and close the store several times...

Giving out complimentary samples to the visitors.

Kids enjoying playing the water gun...

This gal is so CUTE!!! Look at her with so many KIEHL'S BAG!!!

Look like the HAPPY INSECTS of Gardens by the Bay also want to join in the celebration!!!

To express our happiness for the Official opening of Gardens by the Bay,
we decide to do a JUMP SHOT!!!
1..2...3.. JUIMP!!!1

So are WEEEEEEEE...........

JASMINE (centre) we will miss you.........

Congratulations on your opening, Gardens by the Bay!
We had a great time at the Green Fair and also exploring the gardens!!!