September Birthday Kiehl's Boys 2008 (Unforgetable Dinner)

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Terence, Lip Tong & James

Alvin, Weicai &Edwin

Bernard, Sarah, Guocai & Alvin what are you all doing?

Opps they are caught writing their birthday cards!

Samuel, Gary, Kevin & Terence

Alvin, Weicai, Edwin & Tommy

And this is our table!

James was busy with his assignment that day and he turned up for the dinner because of the 3 birthday boys.... And there you see him bringing his assignment to do there...

That must be a good joke by Ron and some of the guys....
Seeing everyone enjoying, I'm also happy!!!

Ron, pls grab a chair and sit down...

Kobe and Yumin came too!

Aright! Time for the real thing!
Yes today was not just a normal gathering dinner!
Is a birthday celebration for this 3 birthday boys!

Samuel- 27th Sept
Tommy 29th Sept
Gary- 30th Sept

This was their cake! Yummy!
Hope you guys enjoyed the dinner!

Making a wish....

Okay... you may now blow the candle....

They are told to use their mouth and take out the 3 candle...

Hand in hand cutting the cake....

Now bad sia...

They got pretty girl to present them their Birthday present!
Jasmine to Tommy

Yumin to Gary
Sarah to Samuel
Samuel so kelian... Kana played out! His present was the "BIGGEST" of all the presents!!!
Is a present wrapped with plastic bag, paper and plastic bag and paper and.... many layers... Haha.... We kept laughing! Thanks to Sarah for her great idea!

ok here is one layer and one more and one more and more...

Presenting to you your long service in Kiehl's cert! Just kidding...
Here is your birthday card!!!
And Gary here is ur Retirement Grant! haha...

And final your card,Tommy!

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After dinner some of us went for bowling

Our 1st match score that day!
Samuel received a special birthday cake!
Is a Dick cake!
Haha is actually a fish cake and 2 fishball!

Loser team do forfiet!

So kelian.. We kenna force by them to do all this poses...
Act Ke Ai pose!

Ah mei pose!
They even ride on us!!! My goodness.... Just being sporting and play with them!

Kevin even suggested ths pose... One hand push up and kissing the ball...

On our way home, we took a picture of Singapore F1 race Track!

We are now part of the event!

Alvin and Gary doing their flying pose!

1st try!

2nd try!

3rd try suceed! Yeah!

Bernard and myself! One try and succeed! (Taken by Gary)

Welcome to Singapore 1st night race!

Yeah! Bernard was here at the Singapore Night Race track!

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