Start Here- 12 Sept 2008 (Raffles City)

12 September 2008
Kiehl's Boys- Juztin, Paul, Samuel, Edwin, Johnathon, Bernard, Weiming and Zhiwei

Kiehl's Boy, Tommy showing support for Kiehl's Event at Raffles City!!!
Johnathon, Bernard, Paul & Juztin
Samuel, Jonathon & Edwin
Jasmine and Kiehl's Boy William at Kiehl's (Raffles City, Robinson).
A picture with Kiehl's Boys at work!
After work we had dinner at Suntec Just Noodle and we took this group photo after the dinner. Some of them left to book bowling lane before this photo was taken.

Round 1 score

From Top: Gary, Wiliam, Sarah, Kevin, Edwin & Tommy

Round 2 score

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